Local Christian Tree Services

Are you looking for a local tree service? Are you wanting to find someone that you can trust? At Son of God resources we help provide Christians with the very best resources to find local tree services with whom you can trust. We try to do something like Home Depot with regards to connecting people with service industry companies. We just do it with a Christian mindset. Our services include several things to make you feel comfortable with your tree cutting professionals.

  1. We do a thorough background check on all tree service companies.
  2. We follow up with the owners of the tree companies to ask them specific questions about their faith and their ethics towards providing services.
  3. We require the owner to fill out a form with information about their business, their faith and their information regarding their church (pastor’s name).
  4. We contact the pastor to make sure they are attending the church as well as ask questions about their character.
  5. Finally, we ask for a list of references from the owner so that we can contact the references to follow up on their experience with the company.

Here is what people have said about our services:

Loved going through Son of God Resources. We had a tree fall on our house. We weren’t sure who to call. We found their website from a friend in our church. We contacted the website to find a local tree service cutting company. We were unable to find one. They went to work and within 24 hours had us a name and number of a Christian tree cutting professional. Our experience was great. We would fully recommend them.’

Jenny Johnson, Kansas City

‘We were completely frustrated in trying to find a local tree company that we could trust. We contacted our friends who were unable to help. I ask my co-workers. They were unable to help. I finally found the Son of God Resources website. I scrolled down to find a tree cutting service in our area. I couldn’t believe how nice and trustworthy he was. He was upfront and honest. His prices were fair. I would definitely go through them again.’

Robert Montgomery, Houston Texas

We have countless experiences of success in offering our services to people looking for Christian tree cutting services. We would be happy to help you as well.

Our reputable Christian Tree Cutting Services

Timberr Tree Services
Mike Mathis
Phone: 940.453-4586
Email: info@timberrtreeservices.com

Serving Denton County, Gainesville, Sherman and North Texas

Justin Time Tree Services
Location: Fort Worth Texas
Phone:(817) 721-1507

Christian Tree Service
Location: Lincoln Nebraska
Phone: 402-430-4644

Pings Tree Service
Location: Indianapolis
Phone: 317-298-8482

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Painters Broomfield
Location: Broomfield CO
Phone: 303-390-4306